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Happy Monday!

The summertime has been very busy for me, so I have unfortunately been unable to dedicate much time to posting to social media.  As such, I only have a few images this week.

I’m also considering changing or ceasing these posts altogether.  I’d like to take my posts in a slightly new direction, so I’m evaluating all I’m currently doing to see how it fits into the bigger picture.  Look forward to more details soon.  I’m excited for the change.

As for the photos, this first one was from my Norway post on Oslo’s Vigeland Park.  We were dog tired that first day, but we managed to get out for a little bit and explore this really fascinating park simply packed with art like this.  This time of year, golden hour in Norway lasts a few hours, so we had spectacular lighting for much of the evening.  You can read all about these statues and our evening there right here.

Statues in Oslo's Vigeland Park | LotsaSmilesPhotography

Next, I love this photo more for the memories associated.  I can’t wait to share this story as its very own blog post (stay tuned!), but unlike the photo above, this was from one of our very last nights in Norway.  This is the Nigardsbreen Glacier, and we were just blown away by the sheer size and beauty of this wonder of nature.  I already can’t wait to go back, as we later found out we could take a guided tour onto and through this glacier.  Sign me up!

Aaron posing in front of the massive Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway | LotsaSmiles Photography

Finally, my favorite image this week is a simple one.  This is from our trip to the Oregon Garden.  While most were focused on the perfectly blooming blossoms, this little bent tulip caught my eye.  I later thought it would be an excellent candidate for selective color, and I’m pleased with the results.  Even something flawed can be beautiful.

Broken tulip bloom | LotsaSmiles Photography

These images were posted on Instagram this week, and I try to post there fairly regularly.  You can also find my best work on my 500px account.  I welcome your comments and feedback below!

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