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We’re all quite small in this vast world.  We fill our lives up with work and projects and social lives and activities.  With everything we add, we discover how much the earth has to offer, and we realize we could never experience it all, given a hundred lifetimes.  The world feels bigger and bigger, with each new interest requiring thousands of hours to master, though each never reaches the state of “done.”

What drives us to be so insanely busy all the time?

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When I was young, I remember lamenting mountains of homework, longing for the days when I was out of school, as I’d then have so much more free time.  How naive.  I simply couldn’t fathom being busier than I was then.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

Now, between work and home life, I have a passion that consumes every spare moment.  Shooting and editing and marketing and blogging and learning and experimenting.  Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t dedicate so much time to my photography if I didn’t thoroughly love it.  But I sometimes miss the homework simply for the sake of remembering what it feels like to be bored.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

This packed existence starkly contrasts with every other species I witness on a daily basis.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

What must it be like to be a house cat, with no responsibilities other than eating, pooping, and sleeping all day?  Their world is literally confined to the square footage of our home, but they’re content.

Deer might roam entire mountainsides, but they don’t ponder the wonders awaiting them three continents away.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

Geese and sandhill cranes have much broader territories, migrating over many leagues each year, but they still focus on what’s needed to survive.  Can you imagine a crane getting a hobby?

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

I often wonder why we’re unique in that regard.  Have we forgotten how to do nothing?

I’m enjoying shooting wildlife, as it reminds me that life can move at a slower pace.  It doesn’t have to blaze by at the speed of sound; we can stop for a bit and simply observe.  Our world then scales down to something more manageable, we can focus on a small piece, and it’s no longer so daunting.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

I personally struggle with this, as I’m a go-go-go-go-go kind of person.  But photography forces me to slow down (especially when I need a tripod), and I can actually enjoy the world I’m shooting, instead of just giving it the “drive-by shooting” treatment, remembering only the moments immortalized by the pictures that remain.

I’m starting my own musical photo challenges!  Be sure to check back on Wednesday for details on how to submit your photos!

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