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I often get the question, “How long have you been into photography?” but I don’t have the standard answer many other photographers have.  I can’t count the number of years I’ve wandered with a camera, because I frankly can’t remember a time when I haven’t.  My earliest photos predate digital, when I carried a cheap plastic something that took film cartridges I didn’t even have to queue or wind.

I’ve come a long way since then, and my photography has certainly improved.  I’ve made a lot of changes in how I shoot and in how I edit, and I practice constantly.  I’ve especially made great strides in recent years, as I started blogging and actually reviewing what I shoot.

In honor of this transformation, I wanted to share some photos from the photographer who was the me of ten years ago.

I sifted through my photos and found a handful that were my favorites back then.  At the time, I considered these the best of the best.  I used them when applying for the school newspaper and for showing off my work, and I was proud of the creativity.

Now, I look back and know I have so many images that far surpass these.  Disregarding the obvious quality difference, I’ve learned how to better focus, how to better compose, and how to better edit.

However, as I looked at them, I realized something… perhaps I haven’t really changed all that much after all.  My interests have grown beyond their previous boundaries, but my eye still catches much the same subjects.  I’m still obsessed with reflections, and my kitties will never escape my lens.  I love the random moments, and I still seek unique perspectives.

I no longer consider these photos my best work, and I’m constantly experimenting with new things, but it appears that after all these years, I’m still me.

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    1. Thank you, Raj! I have a personal attachment to that photo, as well, though I’m better at focusing my pictures now. I appreciate even my not-so-great “then” pictures, because it shows me where I’ve been and how I got to where I am now 🙂

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