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If I thought last week’s challenge was.. well.. challenging, this week’s really made me think hard about how to fit the topics.  The discover challenge is mixing media; the photo challenge is shine.  “Shine” is easy.  But I already write blog posts with lots of pictures – words and photos – so what could I do to mix it up?

I decided to do something I’ve never really done before: mixing photos.  Sure, I’ve done the simple putting a subject over a faux background, and I’ve composited panoramas and star trails, but I’ve never taken two photos and melded them into a double-exposure to create a new artistic scene.

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How’d I do?

Now I know why I don’t usually do these: it takes a lot of time and effort!  Perhaps I’ll do a post on how I did this if I end up doing more with these kinds of photos.

This was from a camping trip to the McKenzie River, and we took the pass several times in our adventures there, stopping at the Dee Wright Observatory.  We shot the distant mountain peaks; the stunning, fiery sunset; and  the elusive Milky Way shining through the scattered clouds, tailgating for a backpacking-style dinner while we waited for each phase of the night to progress.  The best part was we’re all photographers, so gear and locations are exciting topics, and no one bats an eye if someone pops up suddenly to snap a shot of the setting crescent moon (unless it’s to catch the shot themselves).

I’m really enjoying these weekly challenges.  They push me well outside of my comfort zone and make me consider new approaches to my posts.  I might have to experiment more with double exposures.

Want to join me in these weekly photo challenges?  Send me an email with a low-res copy of an image (1MB or smaller) that fits either of this week’s themes, or leave a comment on this post with a public link (accessible from incognito mode/logged out) to your photo on Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  Include your blog or website if you have one, and I’ll include your photo and site link in the next post.  I post each Sunday, so send your pictures by midnight U.S. Pacific Time (UTC-8) the Saturday night / Sunday morning following each challenge prompt.  I look forward to seeing them!

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