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This week’s double challenge, for once, was pretty straightforward!  The first is amazingly appropriate: relax.  With the holidays fast approaching – shopping, cooking, photo gifts, and Christmas cards – this is a busy time of year.  Add on top of that the fact that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in Kumoricon photos with their own deadlines, and you can bet that candle’s burning at both ends.  And that’s all within the confines of the limited schedule additional holiday travel affords.

In short: I’ve been busy!  So a reminder to relax is in order.

The second prompt is “one, two, three,” encouraging posts pertaining to threes.

Therefore, I am happy to present to you: three very relaxed kitties.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

Holee (pronounced like “holly”) is the ultimate sweetheart.  Her fur is rabbit-soft, and she is a true lovebug.  Initially Aaron’s forbidden kitty (his apartment didn’t allow cats but he got her anyway), she spends most of her time in my lap.  We really lucked out with this little one, as she really is the perfect cat – healthy, well-behaved – a purry, snuggly lap-cat with nothing but love to give.  She curls up next to me at night and sees me off in the morning.  She’s my happiness.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

Next, we have Mochi.  Mochizilla.  Zills.  She’s a little devil, that one.  Stretchy toes!  All whiskers!  But she will melt in your arms with the cutest high-pitch squeak-meow when she’s hungry.  She’s the terror of the household, always picking a fight with Holee, but Holee is quick to dish it right back.  They actually get along very well, and Mochi keeps Holee spry in her golden years (she’ll be 15 in February – she doesn’t look it.. or act like it!).  Mochi can be really sweet, but only when it suits her.  Otherwise, she’s quick to nibble at petting hands, chase any string-like object, and devour any and everything edible in sight.  She’s the life of the family, keeping us on our toes!

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

Finally, my Zoe.  She was a 16th birthday present, and she was with us almost half of my life before we lost her last summer.  She had an amazingly loved life, and she was spoiled rotten (as Mochi and Holee are now).  She knew all the best lounging places in the house, her favorite being in front of the heater in the wintertime.  Ever insistent upon being in control, she seldom ventured into our laps, but the rare occasions when she did seemed by accident and always brought a smile to my face.  My Zoby.  We all missed her after she was gone – even, and maybe especially, Holee – but Mochi has helped fill that void for all of us.  She’ll always hold a place in our hearts.

I love thinking about all three of my girls and recognizing their very distinct personalities (and they have their own Instagram!).  I suppose that’s why I’ll forever be a cat person.  They bring joy to my life and help me relax in the most stressful of times :3

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