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After such a rainy start to our trip to Zion National Park, we didn’t expect the sky to clear out so beautifully.  And when it did, we further didn’t expect it to invite a few elite clouds back into the scene to perfectly diffuse the harsh sun at just the right moment, providing a spectacular view of the valley below.

Yes, we survived the famed (infamous?) Angels Landing Hike (though six people, sadly, have not), and we were in for quite a treat when we reached the top.  I have a more in-depth photostory to share with you about the full hike next week, but for now, I wanted to focus on this one photo.

View of a valley far below the summit of the Angels Landing hike in Zion National Park - Weekly Wow: Atop Angels Landing | LotsaSmiles Photography

In the moment, the sheer distance of the ground was staggering.  The color of the sky was perfect, and we were happy to simply be done climbing.  This perch affords 360 degrees of wow.

When I got the images back to my computer at home, I was certain my presets were messing with me.  The shots looked fake.  Almost like a painting.  However, a quick glance at the original files assured me it actually looked like that.

Now, I’m wowed even just looking at that view.  All by itself, it pulls you in and makes you want to stare at it to take in all of the details from the clouds to the river far below.  Having the experience of summiting Angels Landing behind it only augments the viewing for me, as I remember all that it took to reach this point.

Photography is all about the adventures behind the shots.  The images remind me of those times and of how I’d rather be living back in those moments.  But then I remember I still have a lifetime of opportunities ahead of me.  I’ll find even more adventures.  And I hope they’ll be as awe-inspiring as this one.

Need to catch up on the Utah adventure thus far?  Find previous posts here, and follow my blog for all the latest!

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