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Last week saw a spectacular celestial event: a trifecta of super moon (the moon was physically close to the earth), blue moon (second full moon within a single month), and a lunar eclipse (self-explanatory).  We woke well before the dawn to get ourselves into position and prepared to shoot this rare conjunction.

However, in true Portland fashion, the weather wouldn’t quite behave.  This is winter, after all.  We were fortunate enough to not be completely rained out, but there was enough cloud cover to render the blood moon invisible.

But I’m not one to let an early alarm and trek to the East Esplanade go to waste.

While we couldn’t see the promised moon, the river was mirror-still, and the clouds that were present reflected the light enough to provide some brighter city reflections.

Therefore, I made the most of what I had.

I love this city – I really do – and it’s quite beautiful at night.  The moon didn’t show, but the city sure did.


Some long exposures – some cloud blur.

I ended up doing a panorama of the cityscape.  After all, I’m seldom bored with any environment in which I find myself.

Some bailed.  Some didn’t even bother getting up (it was quite early, after all).  But I was already up; I was already there; and in the end, I don’t regret going.

I don’t usually see the river that still, so I was certainly going to take advantage of the calm weather.  I was also glad it wasn’t actively raining; that would have made the morning rather miserable.


Portland is a beautiful city, and I don’t get out as much as I’d like at night (I’m more of a morning person).  Even though I missed the celestial event celebrated around the world, I’m pleased with what I did get.  This is my city.  Beautiful at any time, but especially at night.

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