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Welcome to my new Weekly Wow!  Wednesday Wow?  Weekly Wednesday Wow?  I’m not sure.  I can’t promise these’ll be exactly weekly, as I’ll have other stories and adventures to share, but as I mentioned before, I wanted an opportunity to focus more on fewer, better photos than spamming you with an entire album.  We’ll see how it goes!

This time of year, the weather is somewhat unpredictable.  We get a spattering of dry days here and there, and occasionally, even some sun.  But it’s when the weather shifts that we can get the perfect magic of fire clouds.

I have a local sunrise spot that I favor on mornings such as these.  I can generally tell if the sky has potential by the amount of cloud cover.  Too much, and the sun will rise grey.  Too little, and there’s nothing to reflect the light.  There needs to be a good break right on the horizon.

On this particular morning, the sunrise was promising.  I had stayed home because I was starting to catch a cold, but a good photo op can easily convince me to disregard my own health and safety.  So I raced out to my vantage – fortunately close enough that I can reach it quickly.


I made the right decision, as the sunrise was spectacular.  The clouds lit up, and the sky was on fire.

These sunrises don’t happen too often, and I’m not always in the right place at the right time (though even the prospect could make me late to work).  But when the stars align and I can catch them… I live for those mornings.

Of course, I ended up getting sicker instead of better after that chilly morning outside.  And to add insult to injury, the following morning’s sunrise was even more epic… and I had deemed it too cloudy to chance it.

Oh well.  I can’t win them all, but I’m still happy with the shot!

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